Between world’s gossips and hubbubs 

Self-taught artist

As anthropologiste I spend time to try to understand world senses. Some meetings, some travers vie me some lightings.
However, earth and univers, living world, especially humans, stay and will stay a vaste imbroglio, beautifull and mysterious.

Imaginary calligraphies

My perspective changed. Questions give way to creativity. I capture whispers, gossips, snippets of hubbubs and I translate them in painting. My approach consists in transforming the enigmatic into a sensitive and aesthetic work of art.

Impossible reading invites to meditation

At the first lance  people feel like to recognize familiar or foreign writtings. On closer inspection, the country is imaginary. The impossible strange writing reading become a support for spectators inspiration who can choose to let himself be carried by imagination.


The artistic exploration

I draw and paint like an explorateur  mixe the technics that’s very exiting and surprising. I take time to develop my own protocols, hijack some objects and create my own work tools. I particularly like to work with colored inks and drawing with a feather.
I also create screen-printing, collages, graphic patterns for textile printing.

A travel invitation

I find inspiration in the inner calm, organic an d minéral world. My emotionnal’s sources are warried and illuminated : Ottoman miniatures, African and Japanese patterns, Isles color and Indian sari, mediterranean lightening, Rajasthan, Persian or Etruscan art, roaring twenty’s spirit… I’m also sensitive to the music : jazz, swing, soul and groove, mood music when I create… 

Human adventure

I appreciate connexion with other artists and craftsmen and others professionals from whom exiting projects are boring…